Flooring Fit for the Olympics

August 18, 2016 3:45 pm Published by

Swimming at the OlympicsWith the 2016 Olympics sprinting full speed ahead, and almost straight after the euros, fitness and sport is absorbing the minds of viewers all over the world.

Whilst spectators across the globe are in awe of the record breaking athletes, we forget that the stadiums, pools, and arenas have been years in the making.

Despite reported issues across the Olympic park – did you see the green diving pool? – the planning and implementation of the correct flooring has been key. And, whilst the majority of us will never make it as Olympic medallists the country has seen a gym membership increase of 5.8% throughout 2015. This now means that 13.7% of the population are registered members of a gym or health facility.

It is therefore critical to ensure that sport arenas are fitted with top quality flooring that offer the proper amount of durability, safety features and aesthetic properties. Take our advice when we say it is incredibly important to look at all of your options when choosing flooring for your commercial leisure centre. To get started, we’ve pulled together some advice and ideas to help you get your venue in top condition this summer: