Let Rivendell Help You Care for and Maintain Your Flooring

At Rivendell we don’t just supply you with great quality flooring but want to help you ensure it remains looking as good as the day it was laid for as long as possible.

We have pulled together the following useful tips to help you maintain your flooring and cope with the stresses placed on it by everyday life.

Carpet Maintenance and Care

Routine Care

  • Vacuuming removes dirt that dulls appearance
  • Select a vacuum with good suction and strong beater bars, which brush the carpet and loosen dirt
  • Change vacuum bags and filters regularly
  • Please be advised that the use of upright vacuum cleaners can damage loop or berber type carpets
  • Pile shading or flattening of carpet is a natural occurrence and is not covered by any manufacturer’s guarantee
  • We recommend the use of keyhole mats under caster chairs to prolong the life of any flooring

Long-term Care

  • Treat your carpet well, and it will provide you with years of comfort and beauty
  • Here are some strategies for minimizing the rough and tumble wear and tear of every day living

Spot Treatment

  • Clean up spills promptly
  • Take aim at stains with our comprehensive Stain Removal Guide

Professional Cleaning

  • Get your carpets professionally cleaned at least every 12 months, even if you clean them yourself in between
  • Lighter shade carpet may require cleaning more often
  • Professional cleaning methods include steam cleaning (known as hot water extraction), absorbent pad or bonnet cleaning, rotary shampoo, and dry foam powder

Vinyl Flooring Maintenance and Care

Simple and efficient

Vinyl floors have a strong protective finish which makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

General Care

  • Remove dust and grit regularly – dry dust wiping is a quick and easy way to remove loose soil
  • Protect against scratching from furniture feet by using felt pads (or furniture cups under heavier items of furniture)
  • Prevent dirt and grit from reaching your vinly floor by using appropriate mats at exterior doorways
  • Remove stains quickly
  • Use protective coasters under items of pottery as unglazed bases can cause staining

Regular cleaning

Regular removal of dust and stains is normally carried out quickly and easily.

  • Remove loose soil with a dust wiper, soft brush or vacuum
  • Remove spots with a damp mop or cloth

Periodic cleaning

  • Remove loose dust as above
  • Clean the floor with vinyl floor cleaner and a mop
  • Allow floor to dry

Occasional maintenance

  • When required, the appearance of your floor can be restored using vinyl florring cleaning products
  • Scrub the floor with marmoleum cleaner
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water
  • Allow floor to dry

Hardwood Floor Maintenance and Care

Your hardwood floor is a natural product, which will give many years of service. As with any product it must however, be properly cared for. Your new floor’s appearance will mellow and improve with age. The purpose of this section is to provide you with the helpful instructions for looking after your floor.

Like any form of floor covering, a wooden floor must be regularly cleaned and maintained in accordance with certain basic recommendations. It is a natural product and therefore can be vulnerable to misuse, but will always reward regular care and attention. The most important thing to remember is to avoid excessive moisture.

Gravel, dirt and grit and sharp objects are the enemy of any hardwood floor. All manufacturers recommend an effective doormat both outside and inside your front door, to stop trafficking in dirt and grit. Customers habits alter on purchasing a wooden floor, people tend not to walk on their new floor in “outside” shoes for the above reasons. Although the floor finish is tough and durable, to minimise scratches it is recommended that shoes that may have grit and dirt embedded in the soles are exchanged for indoor shoes or slippers, and boisterous behavior by dogs with uncut claws is discouraged. Stiletto heels will damage wood if rubber heel pads are worn or missing.

Seasonal variations in room temperature and humidity may cause natural wooden flooring to shrink or move slightly during the course of its long life. Most of such movement will occur within the first few months after installation as the pre-conditioned timber adjusts to your own room’s temperatures and humidity. This helps create the traditional appearance characteristic of hard wood flooring.

Need Help?

If your flooring is tired and in need of some care and attention, give the team at Rivendell a call on 01179 637979.  We can help you give it a new lease of life!