Handmade and Natural Carpets and Rugs From Jacaranda

Without compromising quality and design Jacaranda provide ethically and environmentally friendly products to bring real character to your home.

They choose to create their designs with natural materials and traditional work methods to reduce the environmental impact of their carpet production.


Handmade textures offer an admired irregularity with all their carpets and rugs whilst retaining luxury, warmth and tactile with natural fibres and pure wools. Using traditional wooden looms their carpets ensure ethical production without the need for electricity.

Natural Materials

Sourcing materials from around the globe such as Chinese silk and New Zealand wool you should expect nothing but excellence and quality produced results.

Providing the timeless subtly of natural hues Jacaranda provide carpets and rugs that are both contemporary and traditional, bold and natural.

They offer three carpet collections:

Natural Shine

Known for it’s luxurious shine, this carpet beautifully reflects the light and goes through at least 130 skilled hands during the production process.

Handmade Wool

As well as recyclable, these soft wool carpets are hard-wearing and fire resistant. We agree with Jacaranda that wool makes great carpets.

Machine Made Wool

With a full range of neutral tones to suit all interiors, this machine made wool carpet is known for it’s long, strong and clean white fibres making it durable as well as good-looking.

To find out more about Jacaranda visit their website http://www.jacarandacarpets.com/index.php

Not sure where to start?

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